Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where does the time go?

Has it been a year since my last post? Time is a slippery thing as it runs through our hands. For me, the last year has been one of great intentions but not much fruition. I started a new job—not photography-related—about a year ago, and it's consumed a lot of my attention. I've gotten more serious about financial matters (even before the financial meltdown, if you can believe it). I seem to have taken fewer photographs than in the previous two years. Okay, enough. On to the new.

I enjoyed a day with a group of photographers from my area last Sunday. Thirteen of us traveled from NW Arkansas to Blanchard Springs Caverns in North Central Arkansas. We were treated to a tour by a USDA park ranger, Tony Guinn, that lasted four hours. The experience was one of those awwww wowww experiences that we were all fortunate enough to be able to capture with camera. I drove my own car and had the good fortune to have two fantastic photographers to talk with for the three and a half hour trip over and the three and a half hour trip back. My companions were Bob Shull and David Albritton. David has created a folder for his Blanchard Springs photos at, but surprisingly, hasn't posted any yet. Bob did post a few of his. I believe I'm one of the tiny figures silhouetted in one of his images at I posted a few images to our society gallery at right after I got home, but I ran short of time to post any to my own site this week. I'll rectify that by the weekend.

I look forward to more interaction with both David and Bob. We discussed some collaboration on a web site project, and I would hope we have more opportunities to go photograph together. They are very agreeable companions, and both are very talented photographers.

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Bob said...

Jack, I t was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to accompany you and David on the trip. Blanchard Springs is an amazing work of nature. It really makes a person think when you stand in awe at its grand scale.

You have an amazing and diverse style of photography and I really enjoyed reading through your blog.